The Benefits of Getting Partial Dentures

Our teeth are an important part of our overall health. Losing a tooth or teeth can come from a traumatic experience like a car or sporting accident, a poor diet in a hectic life, or simply poor oral health habits. Regardless of the cause, losing a tooth or teeth will have an impact on your life and health.

Fortunately for Albertans, good oral (Denture) health services are readily available at Hayes Denture Clinic, including full or partial dentures. Dentures were first developed in the 18th century, leading earlier people, like Queen Elizabeth, resorting to plugging up gaps in their teeth with cloth.

Dentures are used for missing teeth in your upper (maxillary) or lower (mandibular) jaws. Partial dentures are used on patients who just have some missing teeth on either jaw. Partial dentures can be either fixed or removable, depending on the health of the teeth surrounding the gap. A fixed partial denture or dental implant bridge permanently attaches artificial teeth directly to the jaw with a dental crown or under the gum tissue with dental implants.

A removable partial denture or a removable dental bridge fills the gap between two healthy teeth, consists of replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored plastic base, and are connected by a metal framework that helps keep them in place.

Statistics Canada reports that one in five Canadian adults between the ages of 60 and 79 experiences complete tooth loss. The rate of partial tooth loss stands even higher. Some individuals confronting adult tooth loss feel embarrassed, frustrated, or alone. There are a number of benefits to improving your smile and health with a partial denture including:

  • Speaking and chewing is easier
  • Face shape is maintained
  • The risk of periodontal disease and resulting gum disease treatment is reduced
  • Teeth are prevented from shifting in your mouth
  • Stress on your jaw is relieved

This all leads to a better sense of self-esteem, and overall health with a renewed smile.

At Hayes Denture Clinic, our denturist can usually complete your partial dentures in as little as 10 to 14 days regardless of the type:

  • Cast Frames - long-term dentures snap over the teeth, retaining a rigid shape
  • Temporary Dentures - made from wire or silicon lining, this short-term solution helps patients transition

If you have concerns in Spruce Grove about your oral health, or want to discuss denture options for improving your health, call Hayes Denture Clinic at 780-960-0227 to schedule a consultation today!