Maintain Your Dentures with Services at Our Spruce Grove Clinic

While proper fitting and the construction of your dentures are vital, denture maintenance carries just as much importance. If you notice fit issues or defects in your dentures, contact our denturists.

The staff at Hayes Denture Clinic provides a number of maintenance services, including denture relines and denture repairs. At our Spruce Grove location, we also carry the products you need to keep your dentures clean.


Over time, the shape of your gums changes, which can result in denture slippage, looseness or irritation. Changes to gum tissue often stem from overall health changes, including weight gain or loss and bone reabsorption. Dentures may also become ill-fitting after two or more years of wear.

Denturists compensate for these changes through a process called relining. At Hayes Denture Clinic, we can complete most reline services on the same day as your appointment. Adjustments for permanent soft liners take one to two days to complete.


Dentures can give you back your smile. Accidents that create chips or cracks can make you feel like you're losing your smile all over again. Whether your dentures suffer in a single incident or over time, visit our staff for repairs and restoration.

We handle most repairs in a single day. In general, the process takes approximately one to three hours.

As soon as you notice an issue with your dentures, contact our staff to schedule denture repairs or denture relines. Our Spruce Grove clinic can assess any damage and begin the process of restoring your smile immediately.


In addition to our denture maintenance services, we keep an inventory of denture cleaning solvents. We carry OxyFresh Dental Gel, which strengthens gum tissue and removes plaque. We also carry Oxyfresh toothpaste that helps remove calcium buildup on natural teeth.

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